Dissolution of marriage

Dissolution of marriage (divorce) ends a marriage or domestic partnership. Divorce can be a painstaking and difficult process involving crucial decisions regarding the welfare of your children and the division of your assets. FMS Family Law strives to make this procedure as seamless and comfortable as possible, aiding in navigating our clients through the discovery and general family court processes, child support and custody, divorce mediation and finally an amicable resolution.  

About Divorce

When reviewing a divorce assignment we consider all aspects of your case and develop the best possible solutions regarding: 

  • Child Custody and Visitation 
  • Distribution of personal property, bank accounts and other assets 
  • Spousal Support 
  • Division of marital debts 
  • Child Support  
Family Law Mediation

The majority of divorces settle with an agreement that is to the satisfaction of both parties. Mediation is often required to help reach property settlements and parenting plans that everyone can adhere to. It fosters cooperation amongst partners and helps to eliminate the uncertainty and unpredictability of litigation. The mediation process also saves time and reduces the overall cost of divorce by leaving the most critical decisions up to you instead of the court. FMS Family Law Attorneys are highly experienced and adept at facilitating the most beneficial and harmonious divorce settlements and arrangements.

Family Law Litigation
Family Law Litigation

Sometimes it is necessary to pursue litigation in order to reach the most equitable resolution to a family dispute. In the instance of litigation, both parties have their issues heard in a family court.  The issues that tend to lead to litigation are:

  • Spousal support
  • Division of property
  • Child custody
  • Child support

Should a contentious divorce process arise, the attorneys at FMS Family Law are highly skilled in methodically handling all aspects of your litigation process and obtaining the most beneficial outcome.

Jewish Family Law - Rabbinic Courts

The family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Francesca M Shahrouz have a strong knowledge of Jewish family law. We have years of experience with family law proceedings in the Jewish courts. Our office serves members of the Los Angeles Jewish community who choose to pursue all or part of their family law dispute in a Rabbinic court.

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